Cellular Analysis & Age Reversal

Understand your specific causes of ageing as we embark on a plan to reverse the effects.

Our non invasive Biophysical cellular analysis gives you the detail you need and helps you find out why your skin ages the way it does.

This is a sure fire way of knowing the causes so we can build the best anti-ageing treatment plan that is tailored to you and your needs.

  • Assess toxins and free radicals
  • Measure collagen elastin, DNA, and telomeres of DNA to help us understand how quickly your body ages and how healthy your cells are.
  • Follow up prescription for Natural Medicine, Natural Cosmetics or Peptides

Natural Anti Ageing

Reverse ageing naturally.

Our biofeedback approach helps you address the main cause of ageing and helps prevent wrinkles, restores energy and maintains healthy looking skin.

We use state of the art technology, peptides and decades of certified experience to help you adapt to everyday stressors, improve your life and remain healthy.

Botox Alternative

Avoid the horrible side effects of Botox.

Ageing matters and we take it very seriously at Body Evolution.

We have developed a natural, advanced treatment as an alternative to Botox.

Our approach is smart, effective, chemical free and incredibly safe.

  • Stronger DNA
  • Collagen and elastin stimulation
  • Reduces free radicals
  • Improves hydration levels
  • Reduces any damage caused by infections
  • Restores energy and nutrients inside the cell



DISCLAIMER: The devices that we use do not diagnose or treat any condition or disease and the results do not substitute any Medical exam or advice. The results are responses to the specific frequencies and the device harmonizes and normalizes this results by reducing stressors which are one of the major causes of diseases. The treatment results may vary depended on how severe is every case. Anti-aging Neuroscience according with it's principals combined with biofeedback offers a non medical or invasive way of healthy aging and it is not a substitute for medical aesthetic treatment anti-aging. Miha Bodytec can build muscles ,burn fat, stimulate metabolism and relief back pain according to medical studies https://www.miha-bodytec.com/en/studies but the results may vary depended on how severe is every case.