Using the gentle power of electrical currents we strengthen your muscles and efficiently relieve pain with a series of stretches and exercises.
Every programme is personalised to your problem and our clients often feel the difference after only two sessions.

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Headache and Migraine Treatment 

  Sleeping disorders   

  Trauma Therapy 

Addiction Release

Have you ever wondered how your life might be if you were free from some of the things holding you back?
Be free of your trauma, addiction, sleep disorder, headaches migraines and get your life back.
We are here to help you with the most advanced tools, knowledge and experience to get you back on track.
Train your brain with Neurofeedback , improve your emotional state, mental health, brain and nervous system.
Like all our treatments and therapies at Body Evolution they are smart, fast, effective and safe so you can enjoy your life once more

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DISCLAIMER: The devices that we use do not diagnose or treat any condition or disease and the results do not substitute any Medical exam or advice. The results are responses to the specific frequencies and the device harmonizes and normalizes this results by reducing stressors which are one of the major causes of diseases. The treatment results may vary depended on how severe is every case. Anti-aging Neuroscience according with it's principals combined with biofeedback offers a non medical or invasive way of healthy aging and it is not a substitute for medical aesthetic treatment anti-aging. Miha Bodytec can build muscles ,burn fat, stimulate metabolism and relief back pain according to medical studies https://www.miha-bodytec.com/en/studies but the results may vary depended on how severe is every case.