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Our Philosophy

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Registered Health Professionals use state of the art Certified Technology that helps every individual to succeed in their goals. According to the fundamental principles of Neuroscience and Natural Medicine the main cause of any disease are stressors that the body can't handle. Our goal is to reduce stressors by providing individualized treatments. We believe that in order to be and stay healthy we must eat right, exercise in a way that it is not harmful for our body, we must release our toxins and take the nutrients that we need. We also must restore our energy levels in order to find the energy that we need to heal ourselves. With Miha Bodytec EMS Training we provide a safe and effective way of exercise that helps to save time and relieve back pain (The results may vary according to the state and extent of the pain problem. Proven studies can be found on www.miha-bodytec.com/en/studies). With Neurofeedback and Biofeedback we provide the balance that our body and our mind need in order to work to their maximum potentials. We can stimulate metabolism in order to lose weight. We can give the energy that you need in order to regenerate your cells for a healthy aging procedure. Using Natural Treatments and Holistic Nutrition we support the body's health. We show respect for the human body, as a temple for our journey to life, without feeding it with side effects.



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Areti - Rita Grigoriou

MSc N.Sc, RND, RPD(Hom), MSc Neuroscientist, Biofeedback Specialist, Registered Natural and Holistic Practitioner, Certified Miha Bodytec Instructor

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Niki Tzika

Registered nurse working in emergency Department inAddenbrooke's hospital, Biofeedback Technician, Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Miha Bodytec Instructor

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Jenny Kourampa

Registered nurse working in intensive care, Biofeedback Technician, Holistic Beautician, Certified Miha Bodytec Instructor

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Actress - Writer

Dear friends, In this photo, you can see two miracles together. One is my son that managed to survive prematurity and the other is quantu...
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Director of Ceremonies / Archon Michael

I was suffering for years from autoimmune eczema all over my body and my face. I had tried a lot of treatments for many years with no res...
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Baker / Athos Bakery

I suffered 5 years from autoimmune acne rosacea on my chin. I used to take a lot of cortisone that made me gain a lot of weight. I suffer...
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Nutritionist / Lovely Diet

I want to thank the ladies at Body Evolution because they helped me to build the body of my dreams. I was skinny enough, but I never had ...
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Surgeon Obstetrician Professor at A.P.T MS

I want to give my warmest congratulations and my infinite respect to the knowledge of Homeopath and Naturopath Mrs Areti-Rita Grigoriou f...
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63 years old Retired

Retired When I decided to go to Mrs. Areti Grigroriou, I was an exhausted and tired organism. It was just before my surgery for hemorrhoi...
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mother of a 10-year-old student

My son diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in his 8th. For a year we went to the best doctors and all gave him cortisone immunosuppressant ...
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DISCLAIMER: The devices that we use do not diagnose or treat any condition or disease and the results do not substitute any Medical exam or advice. The results are responses to the specific frequencies and the device harmonizes and normalizes this results by reducing stressors which are one of the major causes of diseases. The treatment results may vary depended on how severe is every case. Anti-aging Neuroscience according with it's principals combined with biofeedback offers a non medical or invasive way of healthy aging and it is not a substitute for medical aesthetic treatment anti-aging. Miha Bodytec can build muscles ,burn fat, stimulate metabolism and relief back pain according to medical studies https://www.miha-bodytec.com/en/studies but the results may vary depended on how severe is every case.