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The frequencies and micro currents provided to the skin by Indigo device and Eternal program go very deep into the skin’s tissue. They are the only frequencies that work at the quantum level.

With the device, we can discover all the reasons why our skin ages and it is different for every individual. With the device, we can enhance our telomeres of DNA to last longer, to get rid of free radicals, to reverse the sun and dehydration damages, to help the cells producing collagen, elastin, and to absorb better basic nutrients such as fatty acids, calcium, vitamins, peptides. The result is a radiant, firm, glowing, and wrinkle-free skin—and not only the face but the whole body!

By regulating growth hormones, cortisol, and other catabolic hormones, we actually delay the signs of time’s passing.

All those treatments work along with specially designed protocols, solfeggio music frequencies, biopeptide cosmetics, and secret geometry videos that enhance beauty, relaxation, meditation, and well-being for a total Energy Spa Experience!