I am grateful for my treatment in Fast Healt- Body Evolution as only with 5 months treatments I had the following improvement.

Migraine:60% better
Fibromyalgia: 40% better
Depression – Fatigue: 70% better
UTI recurrent: 100% better
High blood pressure: 100% better
Stress: 70% better

Thanks to Areti Grigoriou I do not have to take antidepressants, painkillers, antibiotics, blood pressure medications. I made a lot of traveling visiting amazing places again. I felt free after many years to do things I really love. Thank you so much for changing my life!



Biofeedback is administered using a sophisticated medical device and computer with specialized software. This innovative use of biofeedback is backed by decades of research. It is based on the principle that your body resonates in response to specific frequencies. Using this basic principle, the body reveals the energy frequencies it needs to heal. The results can be amazing!



Anyone who wants to improve physical vitality, emotional health, and mental acuity. There is no conflict with medications or therapies.



Biofeedback Therapy or Neurofeedback is a holistic treatment. Next, the biofeedback device scans the body by sending subtle electro-magnetic signals to the body. The process is painless, non-invasive and relaxing. Clients are always surprised how calm and comfortable it is. The whole process takes about 60 minutes.



The therapy proceeds by feeding back to the body the frequencies the body has identified it needs to rectify or neutralize destructive wave patterns. Positive aspects of the body scan are also discussed with the client. However, in attempting to improve and revitalize your health, most of the focus will be on the negative aspects in order to resolve them.



This therapy is based on quantum physics principles. Biofeedback helps the body heal itself. For some it may be a quick heal, for others it may not be that fast. The biofeedback therapist or clinician uses an advanced computerized,  biofeedback, neurofeedback system that aids to accelerate the healing process.

Far from it. Biofeedback therapy is a holistic treatment. It is based on the principle that true wellness comes from the inside out which means reducing or removing the causes of disease. This may require changes to your lifestyle and eating habits, as well as therapy. We spend time with the client and help plan out these changes to ensure that health gains continue and increase over time.

Help Your Body Heal Itself!

Everything that has happened to you in the past has some effect on your body today. Some of the problems and issues have been there for a long time and will take time to resolve. We take the time to discuss symptoms and concerns, then combine these with the results of your scan to develop a plan of action and therapy that will maximize your health with nutritional healing.


Sometimes we have to combine Biofeedback with Natural Medicine for better results. This is a procedure that takes at least 3 months depends on the frequency of treatments.



It is very suitable for children, as they are often unable to express or communicate their symptoms verbally. For instance, children suffering from behavioral problems have experienced considerable improvements, as Biofeedback Therapy revealed contributing factors, such as food intolerance.



Yes, Biofeedback is a portable technology. Arrangements can be made to administer therapy wherever the client is located.


Are you tired of being told that it’s all in your head? Have you tried different specialists different treatments without being able to find the cause of all that? Do you feel uneasy taking prescription drugs? Are you willing to invest an hour to learn what your body is trying to tell you? Do you want to find out what is really going on inside your body? You can find out easily by using our biofeedback system doing a Body Scan.



A lot of diseases are either caused by or made worse by stress.

We all know the negative effects of stress on the body and the damage stress can cause. Stress starts by producing an alarm in the body which produces symptoms. If the stress gets ignored the body will go into an Adaptation stage which is symptom-free. The disease progresses as the symptoms subside. This means that the body may have a disease yet be totally symptom free.



We call all of the above stressors.


A biofeedback treatment promotes self healing because it can identify the sources of stress that are literally eating away at you from inside. It shows anything that is affecting your health. It’s more than just a diagnostic tool. It checks the vitamin levels, amino acids, nutrients, food substances, minerals, enzymes, natural sugars, toxins, hormone levels, muscle tone, disease, bacteria moulds, fungi, viruses and the health and balance of internal organs.

You may have to make changes to your lifestyle, eating habits, as well as therapy. Time is spent working with the client to insure that your health continues to improve over time.



Our Registered Neuroscientist, Biofeedback specialist starts with an advanced form of biofeedback therapy scan which lets the biofeedback device assess the body’s stresses and imbalances.

The biofeedback device scans the body by sending subtle electro-magnetic signals to the body. The process is painless, non-invasive and relaxing. Clients are always surprised how calm and comfortable it is.

You can have over 12,000 different aspects of your body assessed to determine any imbalances that could lead to reduced function or even disease. It will only take about 60 minutes.



Stressors produce stress that is a non-specific response of the body to any demand made upon it which results in symptoms such as higher blood pressure, release of hormones, quickness of breath, tightening of muscles, perspiration, and increased cardiac activity. Stress is not necessarily negative. Some stress keeps us motivated and alert. However, too much stress can trigger mental and physical health problems, particularly if it’s there for a long period of time.

In less than five minutes, this non – invasive process can determine probable:

…and much more


Everything that has happened to you in the past has some effect on your body today. Some of the problems and issues have been there for a long time and will take time to resolve. We take the time to discuss symptoms and concerns, then combine these with the results of your scan to develop a plan of action and therapy that will maximize your health with nutritional healing.



It is very suitable for children, as they are often unable to express or communicate their symptoms verbally. For instance, children suffering from behavioral problems have experienced considerable improvements, as Biofeedback Therapy revealed contributing factors, such as food intolerance.



Yes, Biofeedback is a portable technology. Arrangements can be made to administer therapy wherever the client is located.


What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback and Brain Biofeedback is the latest technology for brain and Nervous system training. With well-selected frequencies, EEG Biofeedback and micro currents we coordinate, harmonize, and train brain and nervous system to achieve optimal function. It is totally safe and without side effects!

Neurofeedback is a direct training of brain function, which means the brain learns to function more efficiently. We observe the brain in action the moment of testing. We show that information back to the person. With well-selected frequencies and micro currents, we train the brain’s various parts, including the lobes, brain waves, glands, hemispheres, signals, hormones and nerves. With every train, we see the results and we reward the brain for changing its own activity to more appropriate patterns. This is a gradual learning process. It applies to any aspect of brain function that we can measure. Neurofeedback is also called EEG Biofeedback because it is based on electrical brain activity, the electroencephalogram, or EEG.

Neurofeedback is training in self-regulation. Self-regulation is a necessary part of good brain function. Self-regulation training allows the system (the central nervous system) to function better.
Eventually, the brain activity is “shaped” toward more desirable, more regulated performance. The frequencies we target, and the specific locations on the scalp where we listen in on the brain, are specific to the conditions we are trying to address and specific to the individual. We follow the same procedure for the nervous system “shaping” Vagus nerve, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, sensory and motor neurons.

What is the Eductor?

Eductor is a Biofeedback device that has 2  Signal Generators. This 3 stimulation system allows a  3Dimensional Field for 1000% increased stimulation versatility, which includes allowing for enhanced: Brain Enhancement  Pain management, Anxiety, Addiction Therapy, Electro Trauma Healing, body treatments.

Is a universal electrophysiological biofeedback system described as “measuring a physiological response and feeding it back.”

The Eductor coordinates a complex electro-modal, biofeedback program with computer software in order to gather Bioenergetic information of a client’s subconscious

The information is gathered from the body through 12 electrodes in head and limb straps. The Eductor measures evoked potential reactions of the client to applied stimulation’s.  Also can detect and record information about the individuals stress reactions.

The information is then tabulated and listed in order of the highest reaction by the Eductor. This can then be read on the computer screen. A picture of the client’s general status is indicated. The information can be further analyzed in the course of a stress management session.

What is Cybermagnetic chair

CMC does voice analysis and give back magnetic frequencies based on your voice frequencies to reduce the “noise” of the body and to promote a more harmonised magnetic field with the help of music that adjusts according to your measurements.

Seasonal  Affective disorder (SAD)

SAD is a type of depression that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern and is more intense through periods with decreased sunlight. It is known as “winter depression” as the symptoms are more severe in the winter. However some people  may experience  the depressive  symptoms during summer and therefore  feel better during the winter.  Only because  at summer they are unable to set their circadian rhythm as the night lasts shorter.

For some people the symptoms can be severe and  affect  them on their day to day activities

The symptoms of SAD are:

What causes SAD?

SAD is caused by dysfunction in our circadian rhythm. Our inner timer settings are affected by the amount of light or darkness we get.

How Neurofeedback and Natural Medicine can help you?

What Neurofeedback  does?

What Natural Medicine does?

Areti Grigoriou

MSc Neuroscientist

Registered Natural Medicine Practitioner

We would like to inform you that our Company cease trading as a Limited Company. We have also changed our address to 12 Pychard Road CB2 9EP in Cambridge were we continue under new management with the same Health and Fitness Professionals. We will continue to provide the same high quality services. Therefore we have lower the prices and we would like to invite you in our new premises with a major discount…

Enhance your Learning abilities!

Learning abilities can be enhanced. Our Superlearning and Brain Enhancement Neurofeedback and Brain Biofeedback program guaranties the results. For that reason we work with programs for Memory stimullation, focusing, comprehension skills, writing, hearing, speaking, Stimulation of Brain in all areas that affect Learning.

In proof of that we present a client’s testimonial “Dear Areti I wanted to thank you for supporting J……. and to tell you she has done really very well at her GCSE exams. She has achieved what she needs to go to Hills Road Sixth Form College and is delighted.”

I decided to write this after many of you asking me in despair  how to get rid of  the cellulite, also seeing myself getting older and my body not being like it used to be was an extra motivation to find the answers. So after thorough research and after seeing and trying a lot on the market I collected the most updated elements.

Cellulite is a condition in which the skin has a dimpled, lumpy appearance and occurs when fat deposits pushed through the connective tissue beneath the skin. Basically there is an interaction between the connective tissue in the dermatological layer that lies below the surface of the skin and the layer of fat that is just below it.

Unfortunately in women fat cells and connective tissue in this layer are arranged vertically whereas in men there is a criss-cross structure. That’s why men do not have cellulite and we hate them for that!

As you can see cellulite is not related to size however the more fat there is available to be pushed out the more cellulite appears.

What are the real factors who cause cellulite?

Of course first and very important factor are the genes who determine this connection between fat cells and connective tissue and unfortunately there is nothing anybody can do about it. What we can do is to try and eliminate the factors which cause this effect or enhance the factors which prevent it.

Nutrition has a crucial role in cellulite creation. A diet of low fat, low carbohydrates and low salt can decrease the cellulite dramatically, however a nutritional plan needs to meet your needs. Needles to mention the consumption of adequate water. Do you know how much that is?

In Body Evolution we provide an individual nutritional plan.

Smoking has been proved to increase the cellulite production for various reasons. What we can offer is an anti-smoking therapy with biofeedback to help you quit and believe me is not only going to be good for your cellulite.

Exercising is the most important factor for the reduction of cellulite, with EMS (electro muscular stimulation ) to be the number one most effective work out of the century. In Body Evolution we do EMS personal trainings with Miha Bodytec. Further more we provide a cellulite treatment with EMS frequencies different to the ones suitable for exercise which dissolves this superficial fat that has been pushed just under the skin and by improving the cellular function(metabolism) and by increasing the blood flow and lymph drainage makes cellulite disappear while you are having fun. What you actually do is to wear a costume provided by us and you can dance with the music and have fun while you actually burn cellulite. We can do groups of two so you can have fun with your bestie.

Hormones like estrogen, insulin, cortisole,  noradrenaline, thyroid hormones and prolactin are part of the cellulite production. Unfortunately there is not always much we can do about them though we offer biofeedback stress release sessions that can help you get rid of your excess cortisole and balance the rest of your hormones.

Blood flow is another factor. Poor blood flow can increase cellulite so we suggest adequate exercise and the use of stockings or specific tights that enhances the blood flow.

Collagen helps to maintain this connection between the tissues so we definitely recommend the consumption of collagen supplements.

Age is another inevitable factor. The amount of cellulite has been proven to increase after the age of 25 with a dramatically increase after 30. Body evolution offers an anti-aging non invasive therapy with biofeedback

What else can we do?

Before we get depressed that we are all doomed to have cellulite at one point of our lives let’s see what else we can do on top of the fundamental mentioned above.

Cutting edge technology, Biofeedback treatment with probe helps with specialized frequencies to hit the fat cells and help the adipose tissue break down and dissolve.

Taking supplements of ginkgo biloba and greapseed extra will help, as well as treatment with retinol, caffeine or seaweed body creams.

Some claim that treatments like acoustic wave therapy, laser treatment, subcision, vacuum-assisted precise release, carboxytherapy, ionithermie, radiotherapy, laser-assisted liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction might help but there is no evidence base and most of them have side effects or are invasive or simply are not effective. I would prefer not to spend time to describe them but please feel free to do your own research. From all this my understanding was that only the laser treatment had some evidence of effectiveness however you need to insert a laser probe under your skin for results that are not guaranteed. Would you do that because I wouldn’t.

As cellulite is a fat above the connective tissue some massage therapies has proven to help it be dissolved and moved. The best lipomassage therapy is Endermology as is the first and only technique approved by the FDA, a non-invasive method that reduces the appearance of cellulite, and stubborn fat only if combined with appropriate exercise.

The secret

The secret is that you cannot only pick one treatment of the above mentioned. Cellulite as you can see is multifactorial and we need to act for each and everyone of the factors that cause it and have a holistic approach. Also please don’t forget that time is needed until you see results.

To sum up, if you have cellulite you need to change your nutrition, exercise regularly, try the EMS cellulite treatment, quit smoking, take some supplements, try biofeedback, put on your creams, drink water, have no stress or if this is inevitable try to find ways  to reduce it, take care of your health, wear stockings try biofeedback with probe, be HAPPY, be patient and last but  not least make all these part of your daily life!

I am going to be very honest with you, no one can promise you anything. Whoever promises that your cellulite will disappear for ever is a lier. What I can promise to you is that in Body Evolution we will do our best to create the best edition of yourself by using a combination of methods and target all cellulite factors.

By Niki Tzika  BScN, RN

Health and fitness consultant

Miha Bodytec Instructor

Holistic Nutritionist

Biofeedback Technician

Acute Medicine Nurse


General Director of Body Evolution Ltd


e-mail: niki.tzika@body-evolution.co.uk

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We wish you a nice summer!

(Fritzsche, D. / Fruend, A. / Schenk, S. / Mellwig, K.-P. / Kleinöder, H. / Gummert, J. / Horstkotte, D., Bad Oeynhausen Heart Clinic, Herz 2010; 35 (1): 34–40)

Aim of study
The view that moderate endurance training as a part of secondary prevention improves the prognosis for chronic heart insufficiency has been sufficiently validated. Based on experience, however, only a few well supervised, highly motivated and mostly younger patients can be reached with a complementary, sustained, sport therapy in clinical practice. Our own experience with with whole body electromyostimulation of patients with cardiac insufficiency shows a thus far unanticipated potential for the regeneration of neurohumoral, inflammatory and skeletal muscular disease symptoms within the context of systemic CHI disease. Against this background, the effect and acceptance of whole body EMS in patients with cardiac insufficiency was investigated.

15 patients with a confirmed diagnosis of CHI completed a 6-month training program (whole body EMS) with a miha bodytec device. The stimulation parameters were defined as 80 Hz and 300 μs at 4 s pulse and 4 s pause for a period of 20 minutes, followed by a cooldown in the 100 Hz range. The patients themselves chose the amplitude (mA), and the subjective feeling of “muscle contraction/current sensation” was set at step 8 of a ten-step scale. The specifications were 40–70 repetitions in the main section, with exercises in isometric holding positions and dynamic motion drills. Cardiac efficiency was assessed in an initial test and after three and six months of training by means of spiroergometry, electrocardiography (EKG) and echo; the metabolic status including creatine kinase (CK) and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH); in addition, weight and body fat distribution were determined (impedance scale).

Up to a 96% increase in the oxygen uptake at the anaerobic threshold could be demonstrated (VO2AT 19.39 [± 5.3] ml/kg body weight [BW] before the start of training; VO2AT 24.25 [±6.34] ml/kg BW at the end of the training phase; p < 0.05). The diastolic blood pressure fell significantly (psyst < 0.05; pdiast < 0.001), muscle growth was up as high as 14% at constant weight. The training method was 100% accepted (no dropouts). The patients indicated that their subjective capacity was significantly higher.

For the first time, the study showed the effect of EMS training in patients with cardiac insufficiency. The improvement in the objective assessment of their capacity as well as the optimization of muscle-physiological and metabolic parameters by far surpassed the results of traditional types of aerobic training for primary and secondary cardiac rehabilitation in patients with CHI. The form of training selected holds great potential in the treatment of patients with cardiac insufficiency.

DISCLAIMER: The devices that we use do not diagnose or treat any condition or disease and the results do not substitute any Medical exam or advice. The results are responses to the specific frequencies and the device harmonizes and normalizes this results by reducing stressors which are one of the major causes of diseases. The treatment results may vary depended on how severe is every case. Anti-aging Neuroscience according with it's principals combined with biofeedback offers a non medical or invasive way of healthy aging and it is not a substitute for medical aesthetic treatment anti-aging. Miha Bodytec can build muscles ,burn fat, stimulate metabolism and relief back pain according to medical studies https://www.miha-bodytec.com/en/studies but the results may vary depended on how severe is every case.