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Be The Architect of your Body!
Recharge Your Body and Brain!


  • Metabolic repair - stimulation
  • Hormonal repair
  • Body electric repair
  • Electroacupuncture - Energetic unblocking
  • Cell detox - Release Environmental Stressors
  • Cell Nutrition - Oxygenation - Hydration
  • Immune Support
  • Wound and trauma repair
  • Release Allergies
  • Organ support
  • Sports Enhancement - Muscle Building
  • Oxidative stress release - increase Osmosis

Biofeedback except for measurements is a powerful tool to train your body to work perfectly! Specific frequencies designed for specific individuals and health problems address the health problems on the quantum level.

We all know that our body is made of molecules and the molecules of atoms, particles that are positively or negatively charged. We all have been taught that electromagnetic fields can cause biochemical changes. We all know that until now medicine does not have all the results that it should have. This is because medicine treats half of the organism. The other half is a matter of the biochemical functions. The biophysical functions, which are the most important because they determine the biochemical functions, have been left unused in therapies. Know the sciences of thermodynamic, quantum physics, bio-informational Medicine, and Quantum Biofeedback came to fill the gap in human health.

Recharging your body will allow you to gain optimal health!

The Eductor has more technologically advanced Electro-Stimulation Capacities from any other device. It is the only biofeedback device certified as a Medical Device. It is only that it has 3 Signal Generators. This 3 stimulation system allows a three dimensional field for 1000% stimulation versatility. Evidence Based Evolutionary Medicine!