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Foot detoxes are becoming more and more popular as a way to rid the body of any harmful toxins. Potential toxins can range from impurities in the air to chemicals in your home, food pesticides and chemicals, medicines, smoking, preservatives, heavy metals, free radicals, beauty products, etc.

Research from our centers show that after 10 samples of water toxins were analyzed in the chemical laboratory, it was found that each one contained a different amount and kind of toxin and it fit perfectly with the patient’s case history. In some smokers, we found nicotine and pitch. In patients with a lot of amalgam feeling, we found mercury. And in other patients that were vegetarians, we found plenty of pesticides. And fat people had a lot of blood fats in the water.

It is impossible for a body cell to work at its best when full of toxins. In fact, it struggles to open its cellular membrane to absorb nutrients. If the cell is destroyed, the entire organ goes down with it.