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20 minutes per week is enough!

Function & Effect.

Train 360 muscle groups in less than 20 minutes to their maximum potential without any harm for the skeletal system

* Build Muscles

* Burn Fat

* Firm your Body

* Stimulate Metabolism

* Get rid of Cellulite

* Back Pain relief.


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Everything under control. The basis of health, fitness and a well-proportioned figure is an active system of muscles. Physical fitness also has an impact on our mental well-being. These positive effects can be purposefully generated with electric muscle stimulation - provided it can take effect overall. Like it does with Miha bodytec. The integral method produces fast, perceivable results by taking effect on your whole body deep under its surface (studies to prove that at: This makes Miha bodytec more than merely a training tool. It is a fully thought-through system, inviting you to submerge into the new dimension of full body workouts.

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